We revolutionize the way human resources thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace

About Us

With thirty-five years of successful operation, Target Human Resources Solutions has earned the trust of human resources professionals not just in Puerto Rico, United States and abroad. We’ve formulated highly effective and streamlined recruitment and selection procedures that pinpoint top-quality candidates, assess their qualifications, and present a roster of capable and experienced individuals for your consideration.

We don’t just solve HR problems; we revolutionize the way human resources thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace. Additionally, our PerfectMatch℠ service enables us to identify the best candidates available from our vast talent database.

Why Choose Target Human Resources for Direct Hire Solutions?

Our vast experience of more than 30 years of service can assure that we can identify the resources you need, in the most effective way. Target Human Resources is tailored to businesses in various sectors, including the private, public, and non-profit domains, seeking to secure top-tier talent with specialized skills and experience.

Access to Exceptional Talent

Target Human Resources grants access to a pool of outstanding candidates, even those not actively seeking new opportunities, but possessing the skills and experience your organization requires.

Optimized Time and Resources

Engaging Target Human Resources for direct hire services streamlines the hiring process. We take charge of candidate sourcing, comprehensive screening, and saving your organization valuable time and resources.

Expertise in Talent Acquisition

Our proficiency extends to identifying individuals with the precise qualities and competencies necessary for successful roles within your organization.

Confidentiality and Discretion

We prioritize the utmost confidentiality at every step of the direct hire process, safeguarding your organization's reputation and minimizing potential disruptions.

Market Insights and Industry Expertise

Target Human Resources provides valuable market insights and industry knowledge that enhances your organization's hiring strategy, ensuring well-informed decisions.

Elevated Success Rate

Partnering with Target Human Resources significantly increases the likelihood of successful hires, reducing the risks associated with costly hiring errors.

What Sets Us Apart?

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Swift Candidate Referrals

We connect you with suitable candidates within 48-72 hours, leveraging our extensive database of qualified applicants.

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Precise Talent Matching

We take pride in meticulously aligning our clients' requirements with the right talent.

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Extensive Resource Network

We have a vast database of highly qualified resources, both locally in Puerto Rico and internationally, ensuring we bring you the best talent.

Our Approach

Empowering Organizations Through Exceptional Talent

At Target Human Resources, we are not just a human resources firm; we are your strategic business partner in solving the complex human resources business challenges. With our roots dating back to 1989, we have developed the most effective strategies to identify the most qualified talent for your organization.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to excellence driven by thought, creativity, and innovation. We recognize that in today’s fast-paced world, businesses need more than just solutions; they need transformational strategies that harness the power of technology and human insight. We believe in shaping the future by skillfully navigating the present, making us uniquely equipped to identify talent that aligns seamlessly with our clients’ cultural, skills, and behavioral requirements

Innovative Business Solutions

Thriving in an Ever-Evolving World

In today’s ever-evolving global marketplace, innovation is the key to thriving. Target Human Resources is dedicated to providing innovative business solutions that empower organizations to identify and hire the best candidates on the market. Our goal is to collaborate closely with our business partners, gaining a deep understanding of their organizational priorities and seamlessly complementing their executive and professional staffing needs.

Our Motto: "We Select Great People to Join Your Team"

This isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s our commitment. We recognize that the success of your organization hinges on the caliber of individuals who make up your workforce. Therefore, we take the responsibility of selecting exceptional talent seriously. We don’t just match skills; we align values, aspirations, and cultures to ensure a perfect match that fuels growth and prosperity.

Maximizing Your Talent Assets

Customized, Structured, and Cutting-Edge Processes

At Target Human Resources, we employ a customized, structured, and cutting-edge process to understand and preserve our clients’ uniqueness when recruiting talent. Our candidates are not just motivated; they are meticulously aligned with our clients on three vital levels: functional, cultural, and geographical. Our process guarantees employee satisfaction and retention.